First foods: 4 months+

Smooth texture. Pure single ingredient foods, single grain baby cereal, fruit and vegetable purees, for easy swallowing and digestion and designed to encourage your baby to experience different food flavours and textures.
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second foods

Second foods: 6 months+

Fork mashed texture with soft lumps to encourage baby to chew. Baby will enjoy new tastes and textures and organic meat varieties can be added.
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Third foods

Third foods: 9 months+

Baby readily accepts food from a spoon and enjoys a wide range of different foods. Baby will enjoy self-feeding now so offer finger foods such as small sandwiches, soft fruits to encourage baby to bite and chew.
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Big Me

Kindy: 1-5 years

Baby is now a toddler and experiencing more grown up tastes and home style cooking - quite the gourmet! Toddlers love to graze so choose from the Only Organic Kindy snack range for healthy in-betweens.
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